The modeling and validation thrust is developing and validating models to help understand the experimental data from the component thrust areas.

 Research Focus

Model Development and Validation

FC-PAD is developing and validating the following models:

  • Microstructural models including catalyst layers
  • Multiscale, multiphysics component and cell performance models for improved water and thermal management
  • Component degradation models including mechanical failure and dissolution.


FC-PAD is conducting analysis to develop well-designed test protocols for characterizing the kinetic and transport properties of cell components.

Model Deployment

FC-PAD is deploying models to:

  • Elucidate performance and durability bottlenecks and pathways to overcome them
  • Optimize operating conditions
  • Perform sensitivity analysis of component material and transport properties.

Participating Labs

These national laboratories will conduct the foundational technical work in the modeling and validation thrust area:

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Rajesh Ahluwalia
Modeling and Validation Thrust Coordinator
Argonne National Laboratory
[email protected]